Elron Goes to Pherkad

by Elron Mission Reports

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the fourth in a continuing, episodic series of debriefs from ELRON

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nashville, TN noise and experimental music and arts collective:


released May 1, 2010




Elron Mission Reports Nashville, Tennessee

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Track Name: Southern Metropolitan Gridrunners
wait,...stay down,...hey,...stay down...

stark obelisk in R-9 (Vultee)
shock troops on the ridge line
and every widow wants a chain-gun, and baby, MREs
i'll be there for the card game, i'll bring the RPGs

wait,...stay down,...hey,...stay down...

we've triple checked the action
relaxing, customizing weapons, and chatting
pestering guerrillas hid in the Brentwood hills
the fish were in a barrel, i'm just here confirming kills
it seems there were some wounded, one got back to his side, he took a painful message lodged deeply in his thigh

wait,...stay down,...hey,...stay down...
Track Name: The Stitchdale Zipper Catalogue
It's eccentric accent, it's a flashing scar
It's xenon and neon caused prion disease
Willfully, and believe them, retrieve a green hell for rosy cheeks, slap them and burn them in traps
A training girl's stomach evacuates lunch, our friendlies wish to stare open, their tongues wish to grope so much
Like the brim or the pigeon they roast the spit linked to pedestals made of bent metals

Epaulets faulty and they slide off your shoulders
Pilot halts the plane and drains lightly
The chilly blimp is filled with nitrogen this time
Clinches the cinder in phalanges and yelping
A list of various zippers, a clique of crystal slippers
Squiggled slag is smouldering
Ingots of brittle slivers, split in twain, the warning we repeat, the old refrain
Track Name: Pinkish Pond
wine lace plates her face
needle lash licks the blaze
your aunt's Tennessee pond
beach towel has a palm frond

central tile powderized
soluble in the juice

fizzes made in the joint
they're collecting the rain

every ax head and nail
fled the soluble pail
your aunt's Tennessee pond
beach towel has a palm frond
Track Name: The Good Ship "Retreat"
got windowsill, into Miami sun
dexterous and mild, air conditioned valley

dreaming of furs and fires, by the Cumberland river

christen our ship "the Flee Away From Here" or "the Giant Porcelain Man-o-war"