Elron Goes to Algedi

by Elron Mission Reports

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5th in the series of debriefs from Elron

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released May 1, 2011




Elron Mission Reports Nashville, Tennessee

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Track Name: Scryer Missive to Impenetrable Modons
meant for pollen braces, and demonstrating tong skill
navigate the wave pool in foraging for plasticine

belie, align
to say it you must move at the speed that they speak

now all of the proceeds, fed directly to plants, and the moth goddess exacts revenge on our lamps
the oxen have bubble-guts, flossy's squirting out goo
what am i looking at? are ya'll seeing this too?

belie, align
to say it you must move at the speed that they speak

hey hyper-critics, let's have sex!
you're a sexy skeptic, i'd hit that
this place feels like bedlam, admit it!
we're headed the way of the T-rex

belie, align
to say it you must move at the speed that they speak
Track Name: Instant Deduction (Comestibles)
hey jailer, i would like to know, when do gross things get food? are we ineligible for the stomach trophy? for mere morsels our gut string vibrates.

no crumbs for muck people, no crumbs for muck people im sorry...

punished on the prairie and steel eagles excreting poisoned lava on our heads
spied on by it's long range eye

then they fill your baffle at HQ
a crest of waving throne props
makes the People's hill top
your moisture is but a dew drop

false light won't lay straight, no laser lay line
the fey bring black wine, the pristine pure kind
Track Name: Don't Forget Who's in Charge
hems, the grappler's feather suit
squoze, the pulp out of bloody fruit

nope...because i said...no arguing...nope...
it's final
it's been decided on

hence, the river's a sticky slide
trench of maggots and trillobites

hens, are covered inside the coop
hacked, the hubble into the hoop