Elron Goes to Odell

by Elron Mission Reports

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released May 1, 2011




Elron Mission Reports Nashville, Tennessee

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Track Name: He Makes a Menagerie
Helpful is the kelp in the aquarium, it obscures the turtles you must pardon them
They have cloudy eyes and want a cricket please, swimming round and round a silly centerpiece

Nanolizards sizzle, wait to be released
in a silent bio-sphere they dream in peace
Only for my purposes will they awake
with specific lightning i obliterate

Bowl of fruitful gushings waits upon the shelf
you could steal it down and have some juice for yourself
Whence upon touching the rim you're paralyzed
come in, you'll see it's just as i have prophesied
Track Name: Little Creatures
-sneaky snakes
-hermit crab
Track Name: Rakshasa Airforce
I've been conscripted into the Rakshasa Airforce
they shouldn't give me a plane

in their ship, i lift off, into the great big sky i fly off
they'll never notice im gone, until im gone

i'll sabotage those perimeter alarms, and drug the dogs to keep my arms
i'll steal their plots and run away

i'll take some nip and poison it and pass it among all the kitties and stand back
and in their throes they'll watch as i warp away!
Track Name: Giga-Sterile Pest Control
mephits have vanished without a trace
insects have fed with a fighter's grace
midges are digging in and annoying you
but brownies can port around, blink, and sling their poo

puddings are eating your bestest friends
oozes dissolving our finest weapons
hornets will cluster about our mouths
termites can breed quick and devour the town