Elron Goes to Rukbat

by Elron Mission Reports

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the second in Elron's formal missions amongst the old arabic stars. this time to Rukbat...the hunter's knee.

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released May 1, 2009




Elron Mission Reports Nashville, Tennessee

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Track Name: Difficulty at the Gemstone Cache
tent, flag, stone livestock
beard made of wires
pole ax chops much quicker
than the things can move

marbleized men guard the treasure pile
they possess a clockwork crocodile
you will not be stealing those amethyst
they are locked away in a twelve trap chest

steel ball rolls freely
greased maze, sinks, flipping
it is quite rigid
your map is useless
Track Name: It's Leaf Bleachers
Pine warps and makes no arrows
Lathe your face
Insert cock in band-sander

Twist! It's leaf bleachers for the lawn game
How 'bout sister Meow?
but how 'bout chairman Cow?
Thornsquid uses ink on a treewhale
Twiggy stick-camera emits milk from it's lens

Fail one and in the gullet of pitcher plant
Squish mass of nourish tendrils

Twist! It's leaf bleachers for the lawn game
How 'bout sister Meow?
but how bout chairman Cow?
Mattock displaces the cold magma
Erases satan hiding in the cedar chest
Track Name: Fireskele
seared by fireskele,
it gets rarin' when you're ready to ride
hold the lookout steady, he is sitting on your shoulders with pride
his helium balloon's a conciliation prize in lieu of the jag
a large amount of space confined, it hides inside a small leather bag

the best ceramic armor has no hope of standing up to it's heat
the silver woody xylophone has tone that's panoramic and sweet
tumbled down a totem pole, and furthermore, he's losing his head
give it up for dude, transmuting precious metals back into lead